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About AV Rentals

Audio Video rentals are perfect for companies that need to put on presentations, corporate events, seminars and etc but dont have the equipment necessary to put on good presentations. AV rentals are perfect low overhead cost ways to put on professional events without the large investment in monitors, projectors, LCS screen, microphone and speakers.

The audio is probably one of the most important features of a good presentation. If your audience cant hear you, it leads to frusterated audiences. The 2 key important pieces for audio is a quality microphone and P.A speaker that will help amplify your voice.

Video Equipment

Video is the icing on the cake to any good presentation, coupling audio with great visuals really makes an impact. Main components for a quality video presentation include projectors, laptops, LCD TVs and projector screens.

Combine Audio And Video

When you combine a presentation with both audio and video equipment, you can make a powerful impact in your speech and display an enormous amount of professionalism for your business.

Renting vs Buying

Renting is perfect for when you only do a few major presentations per year. Investing in all of the professional audio and video equipment can run tens of thousands of dollars, and it doesnt make financial sense unless you put on regular presentations every month.

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